In case you did not know it, geeks are really, really sexy and cool. And their coolness increases exponentially the moment someone finds it impossible to solve a problem without them. I can guarantee that! I for one certainly had my eyes all starry when my boyfriend made a custom Windows XP CD to have it installed on my Sony Vaio laptop for which Sony decided to provide Vista files only. I cannot even begin to tell you how mesmerized I was when he managed to get Vista, XP and Ubuntu working on the same laptop!Knowing stuff about computers, about the Internet and about different operating systems can definitely turn you into a star. The person everybody calls to ask for advice! Yes, it can be annoying, but that feeling instantly disappear when mere mortals start praising you. And due to prejudice, misconceptions and other things I usually dislike, when it’s a girl that knows all things technological, people can’t stop looking up to her.

If you want to boost your coolness and sexiness by becoming tech savvy, what’s more geekish than Linux! Regardless of the easy interfaces and increased usability and the amazing double-click of windows, when you say your running a Linux distro, people still think of command lines, root, exclusive and complicated stuff.

I started learning stuff about Linux out of need (as you know, I work for AXIGEN and the software we sell is a mail server for Linux distributions mostly; also, for about 7 months, I was their Technical Writer). But during that process, I noticed quite a few reasons Linux is great for girls. And I thought to share them with you:

1. Your Coolness and Sexiness Factors Will Go Wild

Yes, people will admire you more. Half of them will have no clue what you’re talking about, but it will be music to their ears. What’s equally important, you’ll be able to really impress hard core geeks. They’ll stop looking down on you all the time. It won’t be a permanent halt, but it will be a well deserved one.

2. You will always have options

If you simply don’t want to pay for Vista or are tired of Windows OS or Mac, you can try Linux for free. Most distributions come with Open Office and you can give it a try and decide for yourselves if paying for Microsoft Office is worth it.

3. Linux Literate Friends Will Always Want to Teach You New Tricks

When I first started using Linux, I was so happy and proud I had to announce it through an instant message through my IM. I got about three friends offering to show me cool stuff and help me learn faster. They were pouring resources, cool photos and videos on Linux like I never imagined they would.

4. If You Ever Need it, It’s Great to Know it!

Let’s say you have serious computer problem and you could use a Linux Live CD to get things done and possibly recover part of your Windows files. Wouldn’t you love to be able to go for it? I know I would have about a year ago when my computer crashed badly and the Recovery did not go that well. I ended up loosing all my files. Yes, it wasn’t properly partitioned either, I kicked myself for that for months.

5. You’ll Stop Being so Freaked by Viruses

Linux malware is practically inexistent when compared with the millions of threats Windows is exposed to. And even if you get a malicious file on your computer, it is extremely hard for it to take over the OS.

I can’t say I am all Linux. Right now I use both Vista and Ubuntu. I think it’s great to have alternatives and I don’t feel by hart trying to rip my chest open whenever I think of loosing all data. And yes, I feel I am part of a really cool club and always look for Linux groups on the social networks I am actively contributing to. What about you, would you give Linux a try?

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