To my mind, one of the greatest parts of social media, starting from blogging and going through twitter, social bookmarking and social news is the ongoing conversation. The opportunity to share thoughts, ideas and comments with other people with common interests from around the world. You can practically reach everybody!

Conversation is important for a many reasons: instant feedback on your views, different approaches, new ideas, new developments of mere drafts, building really interesting relationships and being able to find people like you whom you’d otherwise never be able to meet, even if you spent your lifetime travelling around the world.

So how can an PR specialists state they understand the importance on new/social media in the overall PR strategy and know how to get their message through if they run a blog with disabled comments? Where is the social part if a dialog is crippled and reduced to the same old monologue? I’m not arguing that there are no other means of communication, such as emails or trackbacks with comments. But why would you give up such an important part of the blogosphere and make it harder for yourself and others to have meaningful debates? Especially when you state you know your way around the Web 2.0 😉

Would you hire someone like that? I’d love to hear your thoughts!


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