Sunday Brunch – April 13th

09_04_52-breakfast-toast_web.jpgSo lovely to see you all again on such a warm spring Sunday! It’s been a while, but our brunch is back and I can’t wait to share a few treats with you. I’ve prepared some really good dishes for you today and I for one will start with a fresh cup of orange juice! What will you have?

Today’s first reading recommendation is from Confident Writing where Joanna Young asks a very good question: do you realize the power of your words? Great piece pointing us to an aspect we should really stop and think about, also adorned with great photos.

Life happens to all of us. The long wait till today’s brunch definitely shows no one can get away :) That is why I believe you’ll all appreciate Karen Swim’s advice on Words for Hire helping you manage your business in such less desirable situations.

All bloggers realize how important it is to have a professional logo designed and how it makes it easier for other to visualize a brand, be it personal or corporate. If you are also thinking how to get a logo in a reasonable price range, head over to Blogging Bits to find just what you need. If you want to know where I got my logo, I can definitely tell you. Trisi of GreenIdentity is responsible for it and she’s one quite a few logo design contests on Sitepoint.

Wonder how to make StumbleUpon work for you? Tad Chef of SEO 2.0 has a great story for you. Find out how to get an SU submission reviewed 200 times.

Should you say good-bye to cold calling. ReadWriteWeb shows us that in the Web 2.0 world, warm introductions are far more effective. So switch from rolodexes to LinkedIn, blogging or twitter to build meaningful business relationships.

My last recommendation will really make you laugh. Yet everything it says is nothing but the truth. Copyblogger has just determined bloggers are very much like rappers! So, clubbing tonight, everyone?

Hope you loved today’s recipes as much as I did. See you next week with freshly squeezed juice of the blogging world!

Enjoy the last hours of weekend,


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    • Karen Swim

      Welcome back Alina! Your presence and posts were sorely missed! These are indeed great treats and a wonderful way to re-start Sunday Brunch. Thanks very much for the link love also, you are awesome! I am now going to enjoy these wonderful morsels you have so lovingly prepared.

      Karen :-)

    • Mohsin

      Thanks for the link Alina.

      Your beautiful logo just proves my point that a unique logo indeed leaves a lasting impression on the new visitors. :)

    • bart treuren

      as usual alina, you’ve done a thorough job here, your info is impeccable :-))

      thanks for a couple of very useful links…

      keep well,

    • Alina Popescu

      Hi Karen, thanks so much for your kindness and for stopping by to enjoy brunch with me :)

      Hi Moshin, welcome to WOBM and thank you! I love my logo and feel very proud when someone compliments it, to be honest :)

      Bart, thank you so much!

    • doshar

      alina…. all i want to say is hi… missed you and all the other bloggers… i have not visited your blog (or any other for that matter) in a while, and i am glad you sound happy cheerful… and still blogging.

      btw, i thinks geeks are really cool, it is just that they don’t know it!! which actually makes them cooler . :)

    • Alina Popescu

      Hi Doshar! Thanks for dropping by, I’ve really missed your comments around here :)

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