What I think you shouldn’t have missed last week…

ReadingWelcome to the first Monday Reading Roundup! As some of you may have guessed, this new blog post series is here to replace the Sunday Brunch. I decided to use this as my next move as Sunday appears to be a day where I either must leave Bucharest or things like food poisoning are likely to happen 🙂

So here are the blog posts and articles of last week that I believe no one should have missed. I hope you enjoy them and that hey help you get things done better and faster throughout the new week!

I’ll start with a quite interesting story from Geeks are Sexy about a man who drew an immense painting using GPS. He actually took a trip around the world, planned out to be a picture made up of location coordinates. Quite an amazing mix of art and travel, I believe.

Lille Amman of A Writer’s Words, An Editor’s Eye has been working on a series of posts on becoming a freelance writer. Here’s one of last week’s entries on how to choose what to do after becoming a freelancer.

Blogging Bits takes a ride on the dark side of blogging. And it then brings us the best 5 evil ways to use blogs to generate profit.

Conversation Marketing has caught my eye with two interesting posts. One is a letter recommending Google what to change to become better. I stand by most of these recommendations. The second one is on what Ian sees as the true benefit of StumbleUpon: the links it brings.

Another interesting story from Geeks are Sexy: a NASA employee has recently been fired for blogging and sending campaigning emails when he should have been working. Who said social media was not addictive? 🙂

Kenneth Cole of Awearness has forever gained my respect with this great article he published about the myths graduates believe in. I actually think this should be translated and distributed in quite a few languages, as I think graduates from different cultures are negatively affected by believing in them. I still don’t like the fact I should sign up before commenting…

Last but not least, I bring you Blogging Fingers’ entry on content and its monetary value. Which is the most valuable to you?

Hope you’ve enjoyed this Monday’s roundup and hope to see you again next week!

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