You’ve met Alex of Blogsessive in late April when he wrote a guest post for WOBM. As sharing experiences across the blogosphere is something we both believe in, I also wrote an article for his blog and it was a really fun experience. Here’s a quick excerpt from my entry headlined “Comments or No Comments – The Big Blogging Question“.

Why is it that when we hear of blogging we tend to link it almost instantly to post comments? Because the conversation blogs harbor, the ingredient that makes them part of a community, what turns them into a critical part of social media, the instant feedback and interaction, all that makes blogging so wonderful is mostly powered by comments.

Yet, there are blogs that choose to have no commenting options. Is that something we define as wrong? Does that make the whole 2.0 aspect of blogs simply disappear? Well, it depends. Just as enabling comments does not guarantee a meaningful conversation with your readers (if there are any readers), not having them does not imply there’s no way to build great relationships with blog visitors.

To read the full post and other entries with great successful blogging tips, head over to Alex’s blog.

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