Ever since I switched hosting companies and finally moved my blog to Top Hosting Center, I postponed quite a few important tasks. The first and most important one was re-writing my lost in transition About WOBM page. Now that I have finally published the new version, you can see in my navigation bar.

The second issue was my links page. While granting those in it little link love as the page itself had not much of a PR to offer, I was mostly using it to track blogs I was frequently reading. Now that Bloglines has taken that job, the page had no meaning whatsoever. So I’ve updated my homepage blogroll and deleted the useless page.

I believe a blog needs to be constantly a “work in progress” kind of task. There’s always room for improvement, there’s always something new to share. So don’t expect the homepage or all the other pages to stay as they are for long 🙂

What about you, how often do you tweak your blog? I am not talking about major make overs, just adding a link there, updated info here, the little maintenance tweaking all websites and blogs need.

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