Monday Reading Roundup Take #2

What I think you shouldn’t have missed last week…

ReadingOur Monday Reading Roundup has reached its second edition. Welcome aboard, I really hope you enjoy last week’s list of great articles.

The first one comes from the ClicZ Blog and deals with bad trends in sending out press releases. Basically, PR specialists should stop at sending the press release itself and not adorn it with too much background info.

Steven Snell of Traffikd had an interesting entry teaching social media users to stay relevant.

Lid of BlogWell reminds us of security issues related to wifi internet access. We all use it whenever we can, free is a plus, but do we stop to think about what we expose ourselves to? The purpose is to be aware, not to go into panic mode.

Chris Garrett started a great conversation on Reciprocation and how it affects the social media world. The article itself brings interesting insight, but also read the comments, as they analyzed the issue from many perspectives.

Chris Brogan analyzed the value of personal networks and their value to companies, depending on the position a well connected person would fill.

Joanna Young of Confident Writing drew our attention to something we tend to overlook: should we sign comments or simply rely on the submission form as a signature?

Ian Lurie of Conversational Marketing took us back to the basics of Internet Marketing and got us (re)introduced to the players of this field.

Pearl of Interesting Observations took of on an adventurous trip showing us how to manage multiple blogs. Stay tuned for sequals.

Drew’s Marketing Minute analyzed 5 methods of marketing your business on a tight or inexistent budget.

Michael Martine of Remarkablogger suggested 4 power question a person handling a business blog should reply to then generate valuable posts. The objective of these posts is of course to generate business growth.

Ted Demopoulos of Blogging for Business published a very catchy case study showing how fast a brand new site can get search engine traffic. We should all try to implement his suggestions.

To round up, I’ll move to the funny and entertaining side of last week’s. First with a post of Tad Chef of SEO 2.0 who was thoughtful enough to translate the most common Internet lies. Secondly, I will introduce you to my addiction from last week: a fun game from allowing you to win a free stay at a hotel. Just guess those cities fast!

Hope you’ve enjoyed this Monday’s roundup! I am sure I haven’t been able to read all the interesting articles posted last week, so feel free to share your findings in the comments section.

See you all next week!

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    • pearl

      Saw most of these articles over the weekend and some are new to me and very interesting!

      Actually that article is a guest post :) I can hardly keep up with just one blog! Matt has made really good points in it.. thanks for linking Alina!

    • Bamboo Forest

      I enjoy this list of links, coupled with a thoughtful summary of what each one entails. A very useful entry indeed.

    • Alina Popescu

      Hi Pearl, my apologies to Matt for not giving him proper credit for the article. Nevertheless, great one.

      Bamboo Forest, if you like it, come by every Monday for a new one :)

    • Lid

      I’m glad you’re doing Monday Reading Roundups – don’t stop! :)

      I’m noticing more and more roundups on the Web, and I think it is fantastic.

      We all read such diverse stuff, that it makes sense to share what we’ve found with our virtual friends – just in case they don’t know about them.

      It saddens me when I hear people say they won’t do it for fear of losing visitors to others, I totally disagree with that line of thinking; if we can show our VF’s a new site they may love – what better thing to do for them – and what better way to ensure they come back – teaching is good!

      Thank you too Alina, for mentioning my post, it is very kind

    • Alina Popescu

      Hi Lid, thanks for stopping by!

      I agree such posts are excellent! You can never read everything and you miss out on interesting views. How else would you make up for your limited reading time on the web?

      I hope people do change their minds, posting such entries has it’s benefits, enough to compensate for the traffic they’d send to a different site.

      Enjoy the weekend! :)

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