Self-submissions are a tricky story with all social bookmarking or news sites you’ll sign up with. And I will probably upset quite a few people by stating that clearly saying that’s a big no-no has its share of hypocrisy. You might jump to saying I’m plain wrong, but bare with me for a moment. You are not allowed to submit, we don’t like it, but it’s OK if you vote for or review your own story, or let’s say you can share it with your friends and let them know someone submitted it for you.

In the end it’s all about self promotion. And no one would dare tell a popular and well connected blogger they should just stop submitting their own content. We just don’t react. Or at least not openly. And that is why I love Twitter so much these days. We are less judgmental there. We mention our posts, if they are good, people retweet them, it’s a nice chain of reaction. Why do we act differently on Stumble Upon or Mixx? Is it less of a bad thing to just ask someone to do it for you? What do you accomplish, other than creating a circle of back scratching?

I have a different method to filter submitted content. I don’t care who wrote what you submit, I just care if it’s good or not. If you submit stories I find interesting, helpful or plain funny, I’ll follow you and thumb up your stories. If it’s boring content that you submit, I’ll just ignore you. Sure, I may raise the occasional eyebrow if I only see articles from your blog on your profile, but I will still judge you by the quality of what you post in the end.

I admit my own stories amount to maybe 10% of what I submit on any site I am an active user of. On sites where I occasionally make an appearance to vote for cool stories I don’t submit anything anyway. But I’ve had amazing results with some stories and normal with others. Thus I tend to believe it’s still the quality that plays the lead part in the end.

My advice is not to be afraid of ever adding your story to a news or bookmarking site. I do warn you to proceed with caution. But don’t fear the skies will open and a lightning bolt will strike you the second you push the submit button. As all others things social media, this issue is all relative. Simply because there’s rarely anything black or white. If anything were so easily labeled, life would stop being so altogether complicated.

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