What I think you shouldn’t have missed last week…

Reading Nice to see you all at the third edition of the Monday Reading Roundup. I’ve been working on a new selection of great articles that I’m not sharing with you.

In a BigBrother type of world, such as our, looking good for the camera is something we should all try to achieve. It can also make the difference you need for people to remember you when networking. Barbara Rozgonyi of wiredPRworks has 11 ways to be picture perfect to share.

If you don’t know where constructive criticism ends and trolls start casting ugly shadows over your blog and life, head over to Traffikd for some great tips on the matter.

Danny Dover of SEOMoz published a very funny, yet highly informative guide for beginners attending search conferences. I think it applies for any type of conference and we all should print it out to make sure we don’t forget something vital.

We all know blogging is fantastic. Especially those of us who have been addicted to it for a few years. But if you need to know why it is fantastic, Matt Jones of Blogging Fingers has 7 undebatable reasons.

Naming is a tricky issue, especially when it comes to blogs. The name becomes part of a brand so choosing it wisely is advised. Head over to Chris Garrett’s blog to find out how to get a catchy name for your blog.

Robyn McMaster of Brain Based Biz poses a much debated question: what makes us happy. We all need different things to be happy and money can sometimes buy it, especially if it is money we give away to help others.

Spam blogs, those harvesting our content and using it for their own purposes with no credit what so ever, are a major problem for most bloggers. Yet most of us don’t know how to tackle this issue. Liz Fuller of Business and Blogging has a few ideas that we should all keep in mind.

I hope you’ve all enjoyed this week’s selection. See you all next Monday for a new selection of great blogging work. In the mean time, enjoy every minute of your new week! 🙂

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