Last week, while browsing the blogosphere, I found an interesting post on a very catchy challenge, at least for me. Reading one book every week. That would be 50 to 100 pages per day. Unfortunately I can’t share the post, as copy-pasting the link into an unsaved notepad and then having Vista crash and restart wasn’t such a great combination 🙂

But the challenge remained in the corner of my mind and still seems like a great idea. I have been trying to read more in the past two years with temporary results only, so a new impulse does not hurt. But just reading doesn’t just cut it for me. I got to thinking and realized that on Words of a Borken Mirror, Mondays are for reading recommendations. So I book review would work well with my Monday Roundup.

So starting tomorrow, I’ll tell you all about the book I’ve just finished each Monday afternoon. If you like the challenge, I’d love to share it with you! You can post your own reviews on your blogs or just tell us about what you have been reading in the comment box. What do you say, are you in?

See you on Monday,


P.S. If anyone has read the post I am referring to, please share the link, I’d love to give the author proper credit. Thanks!


I have identified the original source of the writing challenge: Put Things Off

Joanna and Martin, thank you for your help!

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