What I think you shouldn’t have missed last week…

ReadingWelcome everyone to a new weekly roundup of great posts spread around the blogosphere. There’s been quite a lot to read and most articles were great (something good in the air it seems), but I had to make a selection in the end.

Barbara Rozgonyi of WiredPRworks reviewed a great tool provided by Youtube, insights. It helps you understand who exactly is watching your videos so that you get to know your audience a little better.

Chris Garrett has publishes results of a blog survey he’s been working on. Here a little on blogger demographics, but make sure to also read the related posts.

Matt Jones of Blogging Fingers has analyzed the effect the right music can have on your blogging, more precisely on your creativity.

Greg of 10e20 published a great how to article on maximizing current events for social media success. He also explained why others fail to get the best out of their submissions.

Dawud Miracle discussed the impact of too many choices on customers. Having multiple choice is a good thing, while having too many is tiring and annoying.

Steven Snell explained on VandelayDesign which differences should set premium themes apart from free themes. Take a look before deciding to purchase.

Phil Butler opened an interesting issue to debate: what our conduct should be, regardless of how famous we are. Pointing out the good and bad examples, he reminded us all it’s all about being kind and never thinking you of all people are too busy to ignore others.

Debra Mastaler of LinkSpiel pointed out a few aspects we should consider before deciding to submit our link to a certain directory.

In a previous Monday Roundup, Blogging Bits recommended cutting the middle man and selling our own ad space. Tibi Puiu of Lost Art of Bloggingcame up with a comprehensive article describing how to actually sell the ad space.

Brad Shorr of Word Sell, Inc. showed us how to put our business blog to work. Blog posts can easily become marketing and sales materials that you can direct potential customers to.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this weeks reading list and invite you all to add your own links in the comment box. Until next week, have an excellent 7 day period 🙂

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