Confidence is about knowing what you’re worth and showing it to those around it. It’s not showing off, it is just discovering your qualities, getting to know what your good at an believe in that and your dreams.

Why is it important to believe in yourself? Because that will help others believe it to, if they also have the results to prove. Unless you are confident you’re good for the job, the results will get to others much harder, and it will be more difficult to convince them you have the needed qualities.

Sometimes however, the behavior of those who should motivate us is not what it should, and one can start doubting their value. You might even get to feel like an impostor, waiting for others to discover your great results were a lucky mistake. As confidence is important to then promote a positive image of yourself, this is what you can do to compensate the lack of encouragement or recognition:

  • reanalyze your results, reacquaint yourself to how you obtained them and how hard you worked for each of your goals
  • talk to those who believe in you, not necessarily for reassurance, as to see yourself through their eyes. More perspectives can lead to an objective view on yourself. They can lead to your true identity.
  • remind yourself why you love what you’re doing
  • if all else fails, start working on a personal project where you’ll put your skills to good use and get equally great, quantifiable results.

This might sound a bit like a self-improvement post, but it’s not entirely. Promoting your personal brand effectively requires you to believe in what you’re selling. Would you be able to sell a food that makes you feel sick? Maybe. Would you be better at selling your all time favorite dish? Definitely!

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