There are posts we enjoy reading and for which a thumbs up in our StumbleUpon toolbar makes sense. But what happens when no one stumbled it before us? A window pops up and you need to select a category, some tags and then maybe ad a review. If we’re in a hurry or didn’t want to write a review in the first place, we might be tempted to click the Cancel button.

I advise you to at least take the time and select a proper category and a few tags, than press submit. Why? Because otherwise, SU will display something like this: Someone discovered this in “category”. If you were too rushed to pay attention, it’s always the bad category.

So what happens when you hit cancel? No benefit for the blog owner who’s article you liked. The story is practically lost and tons of thumbs ups and reviews will hardly compensate the damage. Instead of showing appreciation for something you like, you harm the blog owner, article writer or who every owns the site where you’ve seen something you like.

Such accidents have happened to lots of us. I admit I canceled a few submissions in my StumbleUpon beginner days. But when I found out what actually happens, I chose to never do it again. That’s why I am sharing this, so that all who don’t know what the consequences are can make an informed decisions 🙂

Keep well and enjoy the weekend!

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