I’ve read quite a few blog posts on how to get social media love. There are quite a bunch who go around the same old issues and try to rearrange the lists. For money making purposes and sometimes as a blogging tip, social media is trendy, it’s hype, it’s everything anyone is interested in these days.

One of the most common advices is not to submit your own content. OK, let’s assume for a moment we’ve all decided this practice is frowned upon. What’s the advice following this “don’t”? You’ll never guess: keep writing quality posts. Really?

It appears we all forget a basic rule of marketing: you might have the greatest content in the world, if no one knows about it, it has no effect. It’s like writing the perfect novel and never having it read by anyone. So what should you do? Optimize for search? Sure, but that would bring you search traffic, not necessarily social media attention.

So? What should you do. Well, here are a few quick and effective tips:

  1. Decide what social media site or social bookmarking site you’re interested in getting traffic from
  2. Create an account. If you want to be on more, start with two or three to make sure you give each site the needed attention.
  3. Make sure you put links to your blog on your profiles to get social media visitors.
  4. Start voting, commenting and making friends with common interests, while adding quality content, not your own.
  5. Ask your friends to also take a look at your content, maybe they’ll submit it.

There it is. It’s not a big secret, as what to do in theory is easy. Putting it into practice is a bit harder 🙂 But if you want some further advice, let me know, I’ll do my best to help you out.

And a note to my fellow bloggers. We never write everything we can on a subject. We keep some details for other posts and some for paid advice. But that does not mean we should give crappy advice, no matter how much online profits we have on public display.

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