What I think you shouldn’t have missed last week…

ReadingHello everyone! The 7th edition of the Monday Reading Roundup is here, allowing me to share the awesome things I found last week.

Chris Brogan wrote a great story on being easy. That means your about page, your business cards, everything describing you and what you do needs to be easy to understand, so that you are successful when trying to get people interested in what you have to offer.

Laura Spencer of Business and Blogging identified 10 capital offenses when it comes to blogging. Are you committing any of them? On her other blog, WritingThoughts, she explained, through a Q&A approach, the basics of rush jobs.

Marios Alexandrou of All Things SEM published an in-depth analysis of how Google’s inclusion of search volume in its AdWords Keyword tool will completely change keyword research as we know it. A nice addition to the extensive coverage of the news piece.

Ian Lurie of Conversation Marketing taught us how to tune up our site with 3 hours dedicated to internet marketing. Quite an interesting approach!

Karen Swim of Words for Hire explained the importance of obstacles. How the shape us, make us stronger and how incomplete we’d be without them.

Hope you’ve enjoyed today’s list and please feel free to add what you’ve come across in the comments section. See you all next week!

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