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The first time I had my own room on a weekend trip. The first time I had an alcoholic drink with my mom and step-dad after dinner, a glass of Martini Rosso. The first time I didn’t go to school on a Friday because of a family trip (my mom was very strict about school attendance). The first time I could actually feel what being treated as an adult meant. The first and only time I’ve ever finished a novel. This was my perfect writing weekend!

It was March and it was still snowing in the mountains. We were staying at this cozy little hotel and being alone in my room felt amazing. I needed some time to finish my novel and quite a lot of inspiration to do so. Among walking in the snow with my mom, delicious meals and a lot of time spent letting my imagination flow, I got it done! I finished my novel, before my 17th birthday, as I had planned. A completely different ending compared to my initial idea of the novel.

I will never forget that amazing weekend. And although I’ve spend several other weekends writing, nothing compares to that one, filled with girlie dreams of fame and masterpiece novels and with all the wonders of growing up.

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