I believe Generali is a great insurance company. My experience with them has been really pleasant. But their Marketing and PR team really needs a little scolding. Why, read on and you’ll find out!

My car insurance is a mixed product of Genrali and my bank, ING. It’s supposed to expire in 15 days. So today, I got a letter from Generali. I opened it anxiously and what do I get? A scary notification saying my insurance policy will be canceled in 20 days.

After three paragraphs of scary legal stuff, I get the reason why this happens. They have a new and improve insurance package that they distribute through Generali! Really now? Wow, that’s not really scary at all.

How they should have packaged this information? If you have to send the legal stuff, then send it, but put it on a separate page. The first page should be something like this:

Dear X, (surely better than Notification)

Thank you for being our customer in the past year. We’d like to tell you we’ve got this hot new product for ING Office and as your old insurance is about to expire, why don’t you find out more about it.

By the way, we’ve included some legal mumbo jumbo on the second page. But basically we have this new cool thing to make your life better.



I would have definitely avoided a huge scare, wondering if there’s something wrong I did to receive such a formal notification.

I am going to take Generali’s product for another year. But this letter definitely didn’t help me reach that decision. So I suggest a nice bonus for the rest of their personnel and some kind of training for those handling their communication with customers.

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