Guest Post by Iuliana Butuc-Cerchez

Sincerely, I hate PR lessons. I really think public relations are much about common sense and diplomacy. And being here for the very first time – thank you Alina for inviting me -, I definitely do not want to bore you with some PR lessons :). Just share with you some facts.

Some days ago, a message from a certain undergraduate student came on the corporate email. The email was not only straight, really aggressive in pushing the core message, but was totally PR-unfriendly :).

Beginning with a “hi” and continuing with “I am … and I want to produce a magazine”, the message is full of bullets (in fact “-“) and short “statements” and ends with a demanding “pls, write me an article on your business mistakes”:) And the email was addressed to our president 🙂

IulianaHow nice, isn’t it? Getting serious, I really think that communication classes should be mandatory in each and every university. Learning how to communicate in a professional manner, especially in a business environment has to be one of the first lessons of a future entrepreneur. A “slang” message makes your chances of convincing the business audience go to almost zero.

Also, if the email is sent from a free webmail account as Yahoo! or Gmail – as the one in my example – the message itself loses half of its “weight”. And why decrease your chances to a good reply making such basic mistakes? Definitely, someone has to teach that guy how to improve his PR skills! 🙂

Iuliana Butuc-Cerchez has been the Corporate Affairs Manager of the Gecad Group for over 4 years. She’s an exceptional PR professional and a true mentor for me. Before starting her PR career, she used to be this hard-core IT journalist at one of the best business and financial newspapers in Romania. She’s also a blogger, but as her blog is in Romanian, only part of my readers will be able to enjoy her articles.

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