Guest post by Iuliana Butuc-Cerchez

Contacts. This is the word that matters nowadays for a large part of PR professionals and not only for them. That is why social networks were invented, collaboration software was created and so on.

LinkedIn is one of the most loved social networks in the business environment. Unfortunately, some people don’t get it all. I begun to receive almost once a week link in requests from various people I never met or emailed before. Some of them are recruiters. Some of them are sales people. Some of them just work for environmental projects. I’m wondering what’s in their minds before asking for your contacts without even mentioning a mere reason.

Most recently, X from EcoStuff is asking me to connect with him. “I’d like to add you to my professional network on LinkedIn”. Why? Did you meet me somewhere? Have we talked before? If yes, please remind me. If no, please explain why you are interested in my contacts.

Come on! Be a professional if you want to be included in a professional network.

Iuliana Butuc-Cerchez has been the Corporate Affairs Manager of the Gecad Group for over 4 years. She’s an exceptional PR professional and a true mentor for me. Before starting her PR career, she used to be this hard-core IT journalist at one of the best business and financial newspapers in Romania. She’s also a blogger, but as her blog is in Romanian, only part of my readers will be able to enjoy her articles.

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