I am finally back from my rather long vacation in Turkey and I was greeted by rain, cold weather, people saying they hate me for having such a vacation (hope they were kidding) and about 8000 spam messages in my work inbox!

It was a long first day on Monday: fighting junk and trying to find the legitimate emails took almost the whole day. At the end, I had about 40 marked for follow up. Then today, after finally completing the to do list, I felt like running back. Thinking of sunny skies, the blue see and great food while seeing the clouds outside and getting scared by the tasks swamping you is extremely counterproductive! 🙂

But I am back, with great new plans, a lot of ideas and tons of travel stories that you will soon see published on Travel Spells. It’s been great reconnecting with online friends on their blogs, via messenger or on twitter. I am happy to be back, don’t mind my whining, but it wouldn’t have hurt if I could have stayed a little longer, maybe until the official season closure, November 1st?

Greeting hugs to everyone,


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