Monday Reading Roundup – Take #11

What I think you shouldn’t have missed last week…

ReadingIt’s been quite a while since the last round of monday reading tips! The vacation had that weird effect on my blog, but I’m back with new great posts, all published sometime last week.

To start with, I chose something that really isn’t my style. But given the increasing number of people getting married to fast and ending up divorced, this really made sence: some really importantquestions to ask before getting married posted by Lin Burres.

Zane Safrit of Small Business Trends showed us a great way to keep our best employees as long as possible: greeting them with open arms.

Hendry Lee of BlogBuildingU highlighted an important aspect of off page optimization that we should always keep in mind: links.

Jason Falls of Social Media Explorer taught us a great lesson: how to work with brand enthusiasts and not against them. Looks like a very effective technique!

While Wall Street is going down, SEO seems to be growing fast. Tad of SEO 2.0 gave us 7 reasons why this was happening.

Meltdowns are something really hard to avoid. No matter how hard you try, they will still happen. Jonathan Fileds explaines last week that meltdowns are really not important, what’s important is how you handle them.

Robyn McMasters shared a writing lesson: keeping your text inclusive so that all your readers feel welcome.

And to round up this week, here are the top 5 reasons why blogging rocks our world day in, day out. Alex Cristache of Blogsessive is responsible for this one!

Hope you’ve enjoyed this week’s list. See you all next Monday!

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    • Alex Cristache

      Thanks AGAIN (I’ve lost count) for the link-love Alina! Nice round-up, I see some interesting stuff here!

      Alex Cristaches last blog post..5 Surefire Ways to Piss Me Off on StumbleUpon

    • Alina Popescu

      Again, welcome :) Every time you write something I love, I’ll add you to the roundup. Unless the post gets too famous and it’s impossible for anyone to miss it ;)

    • Karen Swim

      Hi Alina,

      It is nice to have you and the Monday round-up back! This looks like another great list. Once again, without you I would have missed many of these posts. Thanks for sharing the bloggy goodness with us. :-)

    • Alina Popescu

      Hi Karen, thanks for stopping by :) I’m also resuming most of my blogging activities in the mean time :)

    • Lin Burress

      Hi Alina! You’ve got a very nice collection of Monday reading material for me to keep me busy for awhile. Thanks for including my article Questions to Ask Before Getting Married, I really appreciate the thumbs up. :)

      Lin Burresss last blog post..Help Pass the PROTECT Our Children Act 1738

    • Alina Popescu

      Hi Lin,
      Thanks for dropping by! I thought your article was great and wanted to share it with all those considering marriage. I think taking it seriously and discussing all the major issues would actually help couples stay together and enjoy a better life :)

    • Lin Burress

      Absolutely true. Many dating and engaged couples are so wrapped up in planning the “big day” that they often neglect asking the really important questions to make sure they are getting married for the right reasons.

      I’ve had a alot of people coming to that article with search words like “I regret getting married” amongst other similar terms, so that makes it clear many people get married for the wrong reasons or rush into marriage before they’re fully prepared.

      Lin Burresss last blog post..Help Pass the PROTECT Our Children Act 1738

    • Alina Popescu

      Lin,you are right, planning the wedding, pressure from others, not thinking it through, all can lead to that scary search phrase. I hope more people get to find your article before actually going through with it.

    • Adventure Art Travel

      Thanks for sharing the not to be missed events of the week and congratulations on moving to the .com domain. Last time I read one of your posts it was on blogspot

      Adventure Art Travels last blog post..Mary Shelley writes again in Bournemouth thanks to Diane Roberts

    • Alina Popescu

      hehe, you’ve been away for quite a while! Thanks for stopping by!

    • Robyn

      Alina, you lead us to some very timely and interesting reading. Thanks for including me on the list. I went on to read about meltdowns and it brought back some memories of how I used to handle these to the way I do now.

      Robyns last blog post..Don’t fear the pauses!

    • Alina Popescu

      It’s a very well deserved inclusion, Robyn! Thanks for stopping by :)

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