A few days ago, I was talking to my friend and fellow blogger Alex about additional ways to promote a blog post he was planning to publish soon. I made a suggestion and a day later we discussed the effect. One of my reactions was: “I have pretty great ideas”. And he said: “Of course, that’s why you’re in PR!”.

And this got me thinking. We now have all the right tools, all the information, there’s hardly anything left to invent or discover. Is the PR success ensured by having great ideas of how to mix everything we can work with to get the best results? Is it already impossible to come with something completely original and has originality been pushed to how we apply what’s been done before?

IdeasKnowing the right people and connecting the dots, knowing which is the best media outlet for each story, blending everything new and old in a strategic PR plan, these seem to be the new tricks PR people should be mastering. If there is something called “Black Hat PR”, you know, spammers and the like, this dark world has nothing new to show either.

Then I started thinking of my very own experiences in PR. I’ve been directly involved in the PR and Marketing actions of Axigen for over 2 years now, less at first, more in the past year and a half. I’ve experimented with all available PR paths, some big highways already, others off road challenges for most. I’ve gotten better and better at choosing my own route, doing it creatively and with originality. But I surely haven’t built any new road from scratch.

I can now tell with good accuracy what works with what and share effective ideas with others. I do have great ideas. But when I say idea, I no longer associate the sparkling light bulb with something altogether new, I associate it with making the right connection or with finishing a complicated puzzle.

And if PR people are not shaking the ground with unseen and unheard of techniques, is it a problem? Not really, not at all. We offer the world something new with each clever piece of writing, with each great strategy we put together, with each unforgettable event, with each time we’re being honest and genuine and do the right thing, every time we take the risk of walking on less popular paths. Creativity and innovation are not only in what you’re doing, they’re also in how you’re doing it. Don’t you think?

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