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Welcome to this weeks list of reading tips! Hope you all have something useful, inspirational or interesting here. And don’t forget to add to the list in the comment box 🙂

We’ve all heard a lot and read even more on the economic downfalls the whole world seems to be dealing with and especially the US. I found some great tips on how to deal with what’s coming on Erica.biz revealing the most efficient way to invest in an economic downturn.

Darren Rowse made a pretty good point: no matter how popular your blog is, it’s still a work in progress. That’s why it’s important to know just how to capture more repeat visitors.

Amber Naslund of Brand Box published an article on how to turn weird business buzzwords into plain English, with lots of hilarious examples of what not to do.

Google page rands, organic traffic and statistics are part of our everyday world. Of the spiders, Google is the first one on our minds. But to really take our blog or site to the next level, Tad Chef things we should forget about Google. And he’s right, SEO 2.0 should be about people, not spiders.

Is there a better way to help SMBs understand the importance of reputation management better than an extreme example? Not really, and Matt McGee chose the best possible example to illustrate the fact that an online reputation is crucial to getting more business.

That’s all for today, see you all next Monday for another roundup of the most eye-catching stories of the week!

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