Relentless coverRelentless is a crime/thriller novel written by Simon Kernick. I discovered this book (mine has the exact same cover) in front of a pet store in Oludeniz. The owner was selling used books for one Turkish lira each (about 1.5 EUR) to raise money for an animal charity. I got three books from there and gave an extra lira for the sake of the animals.

It was an interesting read about what cruel, scary and out of the ordinary things can happen to careless man who has no idea what crimes are going on in near him. It is also a story about what seems to be a perfect relationship is actually on the verge of a major break down, with hidden affairs and divorce plans.

Everything happens in a few days, the rythm is allert and it really is the kind of book you can’t put down once you’ve started it. But I don’t know if I’d read a second book by Kernick. At the end of Relentless, there was an excerpt from his recently published (at that time) novel and the beginning seemed to follow the same pattern as the book I had finished. An initial paradise that turns into the mother of all crimes, all happening in a couple of days. It’ reminded me of Dan Brown, whose Angels and Demons is written using the same type of pattern as The Da Vinci Code.

I did love reading a book in British English for a change, I missed both the spelling and some of the phrases :).

Have you read a different book by Kernick? What do you think?

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