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ReadingToday is Wolrd AIDS Day and also Romania’s National Day! Thank you all for joining me on this week’s monday reading list on such a special occasion!

We’re all crazy about all things social media, both general and niche. But while there are plenty of niche social media sites, only a few can be considered successful. What differentiates a good site from a bad one? Find out on Traffikd.

When you run a business blog, turning your readers into buyers is one of your major goals. Danny Thompson of Busines and Blogging explains how to achieve your goal without annoying your readers through shamless sales pitches.

Cath Lawson discusses the “Free” concept. Find out more about when and how offering free producs or services helps your business.

In a guest post on Women on Business, Mark Tewart teaches 4 politically incorrect lessons aimed at helping women succeed in their career. Go on and read it, it really is wonderful advice!

Businesses count on holiday sales to increase their incomes. But with this year’s recession on our doors, it looks like holiday sales won’t be as easy as before. So here are some tips from Noobpreneur to get sales in this year’s season.

Comparisons seem like the perfect way to get a clear image of our own accomplishments. Yet most of the times, given interests, abilities and fields are extremely different, it’s like comparing apples to oranges. Michael Martine explains why comparisons are not good for your blog’s (or business’) health.

The economic downturn is driving everyone to cost reduction. Costs are diminished, while also trying to boost sales. In this economic environment, consultants, coaches and creatives still need to maintain their current rates. Here’s a simple Q&A post aimed at helping you keep your rates and still get business from Barbara Rozgonyi.

Ian Lurie has done it again: another post that will make you laugh to tears yet still be extremely useful. A guide for an SEO’s wife/girlfriend/significant other to the perfect Christmas Gift!

Brian Fetherstonhaugh of OgilvyOne has launched an interesting theory on how the 4Ps of Marketing (Product, Placement, Price, Promotion) have become the 4Es (Experience, Everyplace, Exchange, Evangelism). To get you started, read Katherine Liews’s (Brand Curve) review of this theory first.

That’s it for today! Don’t forget to add your recommendations in the comment box 🙂

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