Joanna Young has tagged me with this cool meme that I’ve been following around the blogosphere and secretelly wished to take part in. So lucky me, I got officially tagged!

1. My dog, Kayla, gets anything she wants from me if she gives me a certain sad look. Having her in our house changed everything I thought about me as a parent. It will take a lot of work for me not to spoil my children and not to cry like crazy everytime they fall or hurt.

2. When I think I need to start planning my wedding in February 2009, I get really, really scared. Not of the wedding, but of the whole planning thing. I sometimes feel my friend Oana’s idea to get married in Vegas would be a lot easier. And I’d have everything at once: wedding + honeymoon trip.

3. I have recently discovered I still like to go dancing, although I haven’t been in a club in over 16 months. Axigen’s Chrsistmas party helped me realize it.

4. I have recently become addicted to mineral makeup. Thank you, Robyn! That is why I now put make up on every day. This led to my second discovery: I like dresses and skirts more now that I am older and wiser. My boyish days are long gone.

5. You do not want to be in the same car with me if I’m driving! I drive extremely safe, but I swear a lot. If you don’t speak Romanian, you might not mind as much. It’s still pretty loud 🙂

6. I’m a bigger geek than actually given credit for. My geek friends recognize that in me 🙂 The weird thing is that I love it! And I love outranking a hard core geek, even if it’s only in what WordPress settings and plugins are concerned!

7. As some of you know, I have a big announcement planned for the end of the year. Not exactly the end, but sometime between December 29 and 31. It changed my life, I am so happy this is happening to me and no, I could not keep the secret. Some of those closest to me, online and offline, already know what’s going on. I’ll try harder next time.

So, time for the official rules of this meme:

1. Link to the person who tagged you.

2. Post the rules on your blog

3. Share seven things about yourself – some random, some weird.

4. Tag seven people at the end of your post and link to them.

5. Let each person know they’ve been tagged and leave a comment on their blog and/or Twitter.

If these rules are not enough, have no fear, Joanna and Jeanne Dininni added to the game:

1. Give yourself permission not to complete it if you lack the interest, inclination or inspiration to do so (that way you’ll only write it if you do)

2. Allow yourself to ignore the hurry element

We need to give ourselves the freedom to take as long as we need to discover whether there is in fact any spark of inspiration buried within us that would allow us to approach the meme with enthusiasm, curiosity, and enjoyment–rather than forcing ourselves into the drudgery of a dreaded task.

3. Focus on the meme and shape it the way you want, make it your own

I know the rules say I should, but I won’t tag anyone in particular. If you feel like sharing something about you with the class and are reading it, consider yourself taged!

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