What I think you shouldn’t have missed last week…

ReadingWelcome to a new edition of our Monday link list, showing you articles you should definitely read.

Last week brought me across one of the best post for new bloggers: a collection of categorized tips and resources from Joanna Young. Any young blood in the blogosphere should read this.

Networking is far more than exchanging business cards and it rarely happens on events only. Barbara Gibson of Connecting the I’s has done a great job at presenting networking as a way of life .

Being a guru is not always about dominating a room, a conversation, a group. It’s mostly about having the knowledge and graciously sharing it with other, while being modest. An entry on the value of modesty from PR Squared aimed at making us think about what’s really valuable.

Karen Swim makes it her business to have the humanity and relationships build through the internet stand out. As she says, business done over the internet needs not be impersonal, on the contrary!

Ivana Taylor of Small Business Trends identified the top ten SMB marketing trends for 2009. The first three are authenticity, do it yourself marketing and tech driven word of mouth marketing.

That’s all for today. Feel free to add your recommendations in the comment box and see you all next week with a fresh list of interesting reads.

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