BLOGAPALOOZA has become quite a tradition around the blogosphere! And everyone, including myself, can’t wait to be a part of it. So this year Robert Hruzek of Middle Zone Musings invited bloggeres to share what they’ve learned in 2008 through their best post from each month. He than took those key findings and published them on his blog. He aimed at having 100 entries, but he got just a few more. Ok, not a few, a lot :).

I’m sure you’re curious to see which I thought were the 12 best posts of 2008. Just drop by Robert’s blog and see my contribution to this bloggy effort. And if you want to also be featured in the BLOGAPALOOZA, hurry up! When the weekend is over, your change is gone with it! So start digging the archives and send it to Robert!

Each of us is extremely subjective when choosing the posts they liked most: to write, to read, to share with others. As I am sure what I liked best might not also be your very favorite, please let me know what WoBM entries from 2008 you prefer. It might be because they’re linked to somehting close to your heart, it might be because it’s something you really wanted to know more about or simply because a certain post or paragraph made you laugh. I’d love to know what it was! So don’t be shy, share it with me and the rest of the audience in the comment box!

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