SEO School - Search Engine Optimization BasicsNaomi Dunford, who’s a never ending source of small business marketing ideas, is right when she says that SEO is scary. It is at first, second and maybe third. It is when you run into a complicated article and although you know the words, you really don’t understand them in the given context. It’s even scarier when you start grasping what kind of work you should really do to be able to say your site is pretty much optimized for the search engines without having experts laugh at you. And it is scary when you look at a new book you’ve just purchased wondering when exactly you’ll have the time to read it. It’s 50 pages, but still, you’re a busy bee!

Well, Naomi manages to solve the time issue for you with her SEO School ebook. After a few pages, you’re laughing so hard, you can’t stop yourself from making time to read it. It’s a trick! She wants you to read the book, fall in love with SEO, or her style (this works if you don’t read her blog), and gets you to learn what you need to make your website better.

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I have to confess I am a little biased. The first time I read a text book that was funny as hell was in my first year of college, when i was studying to get my Journalism degree. It was a book giving us the journalistic writing basics. But it was so funny, it read like a completely different kind of book. And I had little to no experience with such effective teaching methods. It worked great for me! I didn’t feel the least bit inclined to take one our breaks after every 30 minutes of studying. If helped me relax, laugh at myself and learn at the same time.

And the second issue that might add to my original bias: have you seen Naomi’s sales emails? You kind of feel compelled to buy something. And I was just waiting for a chance to find something perfect for me to buy. I had been planning to start learning more about SEO for over a year, so when the book was back on her site, I just bought it.

You’ll learn everything you need about what kind of site you run or want to own, about how much SEO you are really ready to handle, about keywords, research, tools, strategy, links and everything else shinny in search engine land. But it will be so fun you’ll never know what has hit you.

P.S. If you feel you must have SEO School now, feel free to join my Blogging and Relationships group writing project for a chance to win it, along with two hours of PR consulting from yours truly!

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