Being the Twilight freak that I am, I had to find out a little more things about the books, their writer, the movies and the actors. Besides, after seeing the movie over 10 times and finishing all four books in about, well, 8 days, what else can a girl do?

This is how I ran into some interviews with Robert Pattinson (Edward Cullen). What really struck me was his story of being sent to a center to learn how to handle his image. As he was playing a vampire, they said he should put on his bad boy face. There are a few things disturbingly wrong with that statement: first, it shows signs of a disease you can see all over in the PR and marketing worlds: generalization.

Sure, have the guy promote the vampire who wouldn’t have sex before marriage by being a bad boy! The always bound to do the right thing Edward would surely benefit from that! Then it shows who ever gave that advice has no idea who Robert Pattinson is. I don’t say I do, but it’s enough to see a few interviews and photos to see his charm comes from charisma, goofiness, being genuine. Why spoil that?

And now we get to the part where I would start giving advice: there’s no official Robert Pattinson website. Sure there’s quite a lot of fan generated content. But no online presence? How can that be? I understand elusiveness, I understand not really wrapping your mind around what’s happening when you get famous overnight. But this normal-wannabe star admittedly has two options: music and acting. He seems great at both of them. But how does he expect to be the idol of the Facebook and MySpace and blogging crowd if he’s never online?

I’d say he needs his PR team to start working on it. Maybe they are, the domain has been already bought by someone. Will it be another fan generated site? Or has our young man finally realised the imense power the online has?

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