I’m sure you’ve all heard quite a lot lately about VIPs joining the Twittersphere. I’m also sure a lot of you (out of curiosity or expecting to see something different) also started following some of said stars. It’s fun if you’re already on Twitter and you want something of a different flavor than your usual. But did any of you like what you saw? I for one read the articles, saw the profiles and drew my own conclusion.

Want to hear it? Then get closer! I’ll share a major secret with you. Stars and VIPs are the worst teachers you could ever get if you want to learn some valuable social media skills. And here’s why!

1. They are oblivious of conversations

Yes, they are! They simply broadcast. And they seem unable to join a conversation or start one with their followers. Take Oprah for example. Do you see any replies, retweets or anything there? If you look really hard, you’ll see some replies to Demi Moore.

2. They really are royalty

That means they are exclusive. They only talk to their own, see the above example. Should you hold it against them? Well, let’s say you have 1 million followers. Say a big chunk of them are spammers. Say 30% reply to something you said. How long will it take to reply to them? How much time that’s better invested somewhere else? Sure, they could hire someone, but we’re all here to see them!

But if you’re looking to reach out to people, build relationships with them that are valuable and rewarding for both parties, you won’t have the “I’m busy” excuse.

In all fairness, it seems the longer they are on Twitter, the more they seem to get the dialogue part of it. Check out the Kutcher couple! They actually reply and retweet a lot! Different story from when I first saw their profiles.

3. There was an important rule about giving…

Oh, true, there is! The first rule of social media is to first give and then ask for something. Well, they only had to show up to get thousands of raving fans follow their every online move. Even when they were making no moves to begin with. Do you really think that would work in your case? I dare you to try! See if you can get anything valuable out of it! Yes, I’ve seen the profiles with no updates and hundreds of followers. But I could point to the fact there’s a quality of followers to think of. And if you started posting spammy tweets, I can guarantee those followers won’t stick around for too long.

4. They’re online for different reasons

Yes, they’re there because it’s trendy. Because it’s another means to plug their projects and brag about them. They’re not there to meet interesting people, develop business opportunities or get back in touch with old friends. Remember reason number 1? They’re on social media sites to broadcast. Just as they will never reply all fan emails, while you simply have to reply all your work emails, friends’ emails and family messages.

5. Really, it’s not feasible

Tweeting twice a day, following almost no one, not joining any conversations, do you really see yourself doing that and reaching your goals? I very much doubt it.

Remember! There are exceptions and there are things to be learned while following the stars on their journey through the social world. But if you’re looking for highly effective, genuine and real social media lessons, there are so many other people you should pick as role models. Maybe learning from the best will change the general view on Twitter (and sometimes the entire social space), that it’s a place for attention whores and people who are already famous.

The golden rule to follow? Join, listen, connect, add value to ongoing conversations, start your own dialogues. That’s what I do and that’s why I am on Twitter. And I get friends, knowledge, inspiration, fun and also business out of it!

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