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In troubled economic times when companies assassinate their marketing and advertising budgets, you’d expect companies in this industry to talk about how there’s no business and loss is lurking along their way. Yet in this very time and day,, online business directory from the UK, reported steady growth, a solid influx of new customers and a great, strengthened relationship with companies already working with them. I wanted to know more about their approach to business, as it is driving them up, right through the rough economic clutter. Lee Cheesman (see photo), Director was kind enough to answer a few questions.

Lee CheesmanWhile advertising budgets are being grossly cut down, Businessmagnet keeps growing. What’s your secret recipe?

Whilst we have seen a different trend throughout the advertising industry, we have been surprised by the number of businesses that have taken a proactive approach with the current economic situation, many businesses actually increasing their advertising spend, especially within the online sector. We too have taken a proactive approach to ensuring that our Directory is as streamlined and effective as ever. We have increased our web prominence and introduced a better system to keep our contact frequent with our customers.

Why is a directory listing a better option than other forms of online advertising?

A directory is quite a broad term that encapsulates many types of online advertising, there are so many things to look out for when advertising on the internet, some directories ticking all the plus points some completely missing the point. If a directory starts out by thinking they are going to be the next big search engine or is naïve enough to believe they will be used over some of the big names, Google, Yahoo etc… then they are starting out with the wrong attitude. The core focus has to be around the current aforementioned big names. How can we harness that traffic, those customers…those searchers. When a directory starts to realise the potential for tapping into this resource, it is then the directory becomes a viable advertising platform.

What should a company expect after starting to work with Businessmagnet in terms of results?

Results vary depending on spend, but on the whole, valid, qualified leads are a cert. We record all activity on our directory and are one of only a few who are registered with ABCE, a website statistics auditing body. We supply the tools to collaborate enquiries via Businessmagnet and are always able to reconcile our statistics with customer log files. A result doesn’t always necessarily mean money, sometimes we talk about results in the search engines we achieve for customers. We only utilize the organic or natural results in the search engines as they are proven to be more widely used than the CPC (cost per click) advertisements….Google actually said this themselves.

Is Businessmagnet a better fit for certain types of companies? Or do your services work regardless of industry segment?

The highly qualified leads we generate can be tailored to specific industries, however, manufacturing and industrial related companies seem to reap the benefits to the extreme, gaining those all important orders which can lead to hundreds of thousands in revenues. We have many different types of business advertising on our Business Directory, all are happy with our service which proves we can deliver the goods to any type of business.

What’s next for Businessmagnet? Any new features or expansions coming soon?

We are always implementing new features on the Directory, its almost a daily occurrence. We are always expanding and have been since 2004, taking on new staff, increasing the directories content. We feel we have the infrastructure just right now, but watch out for a new site freshen up late summer.

Disclosure: While is not one of my clients, they do advertise on WoBM. When researching who they were before starting our collaboration, I ran accross their press release announcing steady growth and wanted to find out how exactly they managed to achieve it. Hence the interview, hope you’ve enjoyed it 🙂

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