Bikers are an interesting group to observe. And seeing them interact with each other and with “outsiders” has helped me learn a few tricks that can be successfully applied to social media. Anyone thinking of a successful campaign on the social web should watch them closely, learn, and then apply.

1. Once you’re in, say hello to the others

When it comes to bikers, it doesn’t matter if you know those you meet on the road. You honk, or wave your hand, or find another way to say hello. You will always get a cordial reply. No matter how new to the group you are, you will get a warm welcome. Leave all shyness behind and take the plunge, you won’t regret it. And interacting with the rest is ten times more fun than just acting like a loner.

2. It’s all about passion and sharing

All bikers love their bikes, the open road and all the sensations riding entails. They could talk about it for hours. They will tell you all about different kinds of bikes and what they are best at, they know where to go and search for the company or expertise of other bikers, and they are happily sharing all they know. And their passions and full enjoyment of the experience is just contagious.

3. Recognize the uniqueness of what you’re doing

Riding a bike is nothing like driving a car, rollerblading or taking the train. It’s a unique experience, which requires a certain set of skills, learning certain lessons and taking some precautions. It’s sometimes more dangerous, it’s more rewarding at times; it comes with a particular view on everything around you. Recognizing this uniqueness allows you to be a lot better at it.

4. As it happens with everything in life, there are risks and responsibilities

You always need to know where danger might come from, be it the dogs trying to bite you, the careless drivers who don’t see you on your bike, the wet road or the tricky mud. Knowing the risks are there, won’t prevent or control them in anyway, but you’ll be ready for them and you’ll know how to react to them and stay safe. And more importantly, you are responsible for your safety, for that of your passenger, and for those around it. Acting reckless won’t really cut it. It will just get you hurt. Sometimes badly.

5. It’s cool, but it’s not for everyone!

Not everyone should become a biker. And the coolness factor is not a good enough reason to join. If you’re in it just because your friends are doing it, but you’d rather spend your time doing something else that you’re better at and you find far more interesting and rewarding, you’ll definitely quit. But only after investing a lot of time and money into something that has nothing to do with what you want and can’t help you get it.

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