Back in March, while having coffee with two good friends of mine, Alina Fekete and Violeta-Loredana Pascal, I first mentioned my idea of creating an online magazine for women that would be so much better than any other glossy magazine available on the Romanian market, pretending to know what women want and need. A magazine that would speak of career choices, successful women, real world relationships. A magazine for and with real women, the women beyond makeup and stereotypes.

Luckily, the jumped on board right then and there, and we started working on bringing our baby to life. It took us quite a while, the hardest part being to decide on a name. After a few failed tries, Alina Fekete who’s a designer suggested Cenuşă de trandafir, rose ashes. It’s the name of a colour, also called dusty pink. We loved the idea. Simply because complicated color names say women, but mostly because we loved the metaphor: purging through fire all the misconceptions, stereotypes and fake images on women. And then enjoying the real substance that’s left.

Cenusa de trandafir

Cenuşă de trandafir was oficially launched last Tuesday. Mostly on Twitter and through word of mouth, from us to our friends, to their friends, to their friends. Based on the traffic, the number of comments, the retweets and the private messages, I’d say it was quite a success! And given the right amount of passion and hard work, plus some luck, it’s bound to keep growing.

Unfortunately, only my Romanian readers will be able to enjoy this new magazine. But since it means so much to me, I wanted to share the news with all of you! Good news are meant to be shared, hoping they’ll put a smile on the faces of those you care about 🙂

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