Two male bikers riding in forest, rear viewThere hasn’t been one day in 2009 when I got bored. As my world kept changing in every aspect that could change, I kept experimenting, adjusting, learning and meeting new people. So reading along the lines I have written and published all year and trying to find the essential words for 2009 was quite an interesting experiment. It reminded  me of where I’ve been, what I have discovered and of how this particularly full year has altered my views on certain aspects, including my thoughts about who I am and what is important for me.

Joanna Young’s challenge to find the essential lines and the essential posts of 2009 wasn’t easy easy. But it was fun and I managed to find the essential lines for both me and the readers of this blog. An important lesson that I see as the most important of the year that’s about to pass. It’s not something new, it’s not at all complicated…

“Sometimes we are reminded of the big secrets in the business world by what appears to be the most unrelated situation.”

Chesapeake Bay RetrieverAnd along these lines not one, but two posts stand out. Both describing important skills and lessons that have to do with marketing and promoting your business. Both showing how I learned about them in what seemed a completely unrelated situation.  My teachers? Bikers and stray dogs! The two posts I’m referring to are:

5 Social Media Lessons You Can Learn from Bikers

What feeding stray dogs taught me about word of mouth marketing

While I am the first one to admit that riding a bike and playing with the dogs are not the best moments to think of business connections, these lessons are still valid and they are essential. We are so focused on business tips and tricks, on case studies and examples, on checklists and plans, on tasks, schedules and success recipes that we easily overlook what’s right in front of us. An business seminar is hardly the only place where you can learn to be better at what you are doing. A business book is not the only piece of writing that can help you enhance your skills!

I challenge you all to join Joanna’s group writing project and analyze what you have posted in 2009. What are your essential lines? And which is your essential post? Write your entry by Spetember 27 and make sure you tell Joanna about it!

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