Pen resting on notepaper2009 has definitely been a wonderful year. Twists and turns, drama and excitement, all for the better in the end. After a thorough review of what has happened in the past year and with a little inspiration from Chris Brogan, I’ve moved on to putting my 2010 wish list on paper. Virtual paper that is!

So after a lot of thinking, prioritizing and plotting (yes, I love the added evil touch), here is what I’ve come up with, in a more or less particular order.

  1. I wish to help more companies in the IT filed to better communicate with customers, partners, the media and their employees and show these different audiences how their products and services manage to solve real issues and make their business or personal lives a little better.
  2. I also wish to gain more customers from the tourism and travel sector. I have started with a hotel in 2009, but I want to expand my portfolio and work with other companies, be it hotels, online booking sites or travel agencies. I know my mixed knowledge of PR & Marketing and the travel industry (I’ve studied it for about 3 years) is perfect to help them attract more local or international customers.
  3. For my PR blog, Words of a Broken Mirror, I wish to write more posts helping my readers with their PR and Marketing activities. More readers and subscribers would also be great 🙂 I also wish to extend my article writing on my PR and Marketing agency’s website. I also wish to guest post more, so that I’m able to reach and help other audiences with my content.
  4. I wish to help companies integrate social media tools into their overall PR and Marketing strategies. I really, really hope I’ll be able to and see at least a few companies switching from misuses to effective campaigns targeting online communities. As part of this effort, I plan to help them realize it’s not only new tools they are adapting to, but also a new way of doing their marketing. Although we kept talking about conversation, dialogues, engaging the customers, a lot of businesses are still perfectly happy with just broadcasting on new channels.
  5. I wish to adopt a Romanian NGO, preferably one dealing with children/women/animals rights. I always complain I don’t do enough to make things a little better and doing what I’m good at for free seems like the best possible investment of my time. But this I plan to write more on in Romanian, on the PRwave Blog.
  6. I’d like to participate, as a speaker, in more PR, Marketing and Social Media dedicated events. I feel I have a quite relevant experience worth sharing with other professionals in both my field and other industries. I’ve started doing this in late 2009, together with Loredana Pascal and it turned out pretty great!
  7. I wish to turn my Travel Spells blog into a fun and profitable project. I have a few plans for it and I am sure I can make them work. Up to now it has made me about 25 euros 😀 so there definitely are a few possibilities.
  8. I also want to work with my partners and turn the online magazine for women, Cenusa de trandafir, into a profitable one. It’s been 4 months since we’ve launched it, we have a great community supporting it, all the stats look good, so let the money pour in in 2010 😛
  9. I wish to be a published author by the end of the year. That’s the worst case scenario plan. The optimist view is that my vampire story will be published on my birthday, April 3rd. Either way, I’ll be extremely happy to see people reading and enjoying it.

These are the big things I plan to focus on in 2010 in what my business life is concerned. I hope I get to accomplish most of them and make new ones for the future.

Is your business wish list for 2010 ready? If it isn’t, hurry up, you’ve got a few hours left to put it all on paper 🙂

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