Happy New Year! Hope you’ve had a great celebrating the arrival of 2010. And now that it’s here and we’ll soon be back to tasks and plans to make it a great business year, what better way to start that with trends and events predicted for 2010? I’ve gathered a list of PR and communication forecasts published at the end of December. The posts are listed as they appeared in my reader and I am sure you can add your collection of predictions to it 🙂

2010 Predictions for Communications
2010 PR Predictions: More Social Media Blunders
2010 PR Predictions: Growth Returns, M&A Activity Increases
PR Trends in 2010: The Future of PR
2010 PR Predictions: A New Player Will Emerge To Challenge Facebook Supremacy
2010 PR Predictions: Ketchum Edition
PR Trends 2010: Real Time Search Speeds up the News
2010 PR Predictions: Crisis Firms Will Adopt ‘Pay-By-Performance Model’
Euro RSCG’s Salzman on 2010 Trends: ‘Co-Creating the News’
PR Trends 2010: Branded Content
2010 Predictions: ‘The Days of Press Hits To Justify the PR Budget Are Over’
PR Trend 2010: The Death of Print

What do you think? Who has better chances of getting it right? What are your own predictions for the new year?

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