It’s not slang, it’s not cute, it’s just bad grammar. Slang does not mean you are entitled to behave as if grammar never existed, there are some mistakes native speakers will never make, no matter how much slang they add to their songs. Please, pretty please, when you decide to write songs in foreign languages, get someone to proofread them for you. Those singing won’t look good. Frankly, the result is just the opposite, it makes them look bad.

Now, repeat after me “Listen….to”, ” Listen….to” not just “Listen”. It’s “I never listen to what they say”, please don’t take out the “to”. Oh, and it’s “has come” not “has came”. And if you’re singing about a boy, please call him “moreno”, not “morena”. Unless he’s a girl who used to be a boy. Or she’s a boy who used to be a girl!

I know English songs are trendy. I know adding a little bit of Spanish spice is also cool. But handle with care, it will make those singing your lyrics look better. Don’t help them damage their brand. They are perfectly able to do so themselves. I know, I’ve heard some interviews on the radio that have made me laugh so hard I could barely drive.

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