If you’ve been in the PR field for a few days, you have heard at least one journalist complaining about bad press releases saying nothing and being sent to them in an attempt to get their attention. There are quite a few articles about effective press release writing complete with ebooks and hardcover books to help you get the hang of this important task: crafting a news release that works.

No wonder there have been some harsh reactions to the latest New York Times press release that says (almost) nothing new. After bragging on a few paragraphs about how their business section is the greatest they finally throw in some bits of info about a new column being launched.

I for one cannot imagine why you need a press release to announce the world how cool your paper is. Who are you sending the release to? Would you actually expect other newspapers to say how much cooler you are? Are you trying to impress young business people looking for info and mentors? Or are you trying to get some more ads on you website and in your print version and writing a release to convince companies they should do whatever to get some editorial or advertising coverage? Whatever the reason, it still is a bit lame. It’s still pseudo-news, it’s still time wasted saying nothing…

The fact it comes from the New York Times is even worse. You’d expect more for them! If they wanted to send such a material out, they could have done so to a business newsletter list. Add a list of top 10 reasons to advertise/invest in getting editorial coverage in the New York Times and throw in a discount for orders placed in the next few days and that’s still a way better idea than the said press release.

Head over to the PR Newser website and read the entire release text (if you have the patience) and the statement of NY Times’ PR reps explaining why they have issued the release and let me know what you think about this entire affair!

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