I have always had an interest in HR PR, that is the pr effort you put in to help out your Human Resources department to find the best employees and to communicate with existing staff in an effective way. When it comes to HR campaigns, it’s hard to see new stuff being pulled off. Most companies go to their overly tested job posting sites, wait for resumes to come in, then start reviewing and setting up interviews. Even the ads they post are somewhat standard and you rarely see a different approach.

That is why I’ve been so pleasantly surprised by Avira’s latest recruiting campaign. First, they have found a great way to reach potential employees. Not through job sites, but through their own product. After the update, there usually is a pop-up window letting users know what’s new at Avira – products, news, etc. The pop-up I noticed contained a job ad, and this happen a few times during several days. I thought it smart as it reached out to people who already liked the brand and if they had the required skills, would want to be part of the team that develops the product they love.

And then there was the email! Yes, an email spreading out just like jokes and funny pictures do, initially sent to Avira users. Instead of just stating what the position required in a very correct and boring fashion, they turned it into a congratulating letter send by the CEO three years from now to the person who had obtained in for doing such a fine job.

Dear Avira user,

We are conducting a search for a successful person. Rather than show you the job description we thought you’d appreciate reading the actual ad we’ve posted. It’s a bit unusual, but it tells the whole story. We think you’ll agree. Feel free to call us if you’re personally interested in discussing the position, or send it to anyone you believe might be.

Web developer (PHP/MYSQL) Back to the future

Fast Forward 3 Years

Aviras’ CEO wants to personally thank you for creating the very best website ever. In the past three years you have continuously pushed the envelope of technology to the next level by creating a website that has sustained growth from 1 to 3 million unique visitors per day within just 3 years. During this time you have accomplished the following:

1. Implemented and optimized sophisticated caching techniques which led to significant savings in hardware

2. Created a user friendly CMS system that got an outstanding acceptance by the content management team. They now prefer to work with the home grown CMS system on top of any other solution on the market.

3. Analyzed requirements regarding localized pricing and localized content and designed out of the box solutions that made this possible with a minimum impact on the resources consumption.

4. Continuously identified potential how to optimize the content and structure of the website in order to increase customer satisfaction and revenue via the website by more than 100%.

Now Back to Today

If you’d like this story to be yours, please send a resume with a brief write-up of a major accomplishment you believe is most comparable. We will get back to you shortly.

Elena Nastasa – Human Resources Manager
Email: career@avira.ro

Their campaign is smart, well planned and refreshingly different. Have you run into such unusual HR campaigns, reaching out to potential employees on other channels than the traditional ones and using unusual ads or job descriptions? If you have, please share them with us!

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