What I think you shouldn’t have missed last week…

ReadingThere is no better way to start the week then reading last week’s best business, marketing and PR pieces! So let’s kick this week off with a few reading recommendations!

Guest blogger Lena West explores The Unfortunate Burden of Poor Social Media Examples on LipSticking, discussing how bad examples seem to weigh a lot more than the overwhelmingly numerous good examples of businesses using social media.

Do you know what the difference between reach, outreach and reaching out is? Liz Strauss explains it in a great piece, stressing the importance of reaching out and connecting with someone, building a valuable relationship.

Once again proving there are things to be learned and to be successfully applied to your business virtually anywhere, Karen Swim shares 5 Sweet Business Lessons from the Cake Boss.

Have you ever had trouble convincing your clients to try something new, nontraditional and harder to explain? Pia Mara Finkell has experienced such a situation and has come up with Five Ways to get Traditional Clients Onboard with Untraditional Methods which she shares on the Buzz Bin.

Paying attention to what has changed in your customer’s lives is always a great way to determining how to better market your products and services. Drew McLellan explains this simple but smart marketing process in his piece about a deodorant brand’s smart marketing.

For some of you, the fact that asking the right questions is critical might sound a bit like a cliche. Yet businesses sometimes focus on finding answers without first asking the important questions. When it comes to SEO and marketing, Mat McGee of Small Business Search Marketing has pinned down the 7 Questions Small Businesses Should be Asking.

Although it started as a response to a Mashable article on the future of public relations, in Future of public relations and social media – the truth according to Mashable, Stuart Bruce has thoroughly explained what’s currently important in the PR practice of today and what won’t exactly change in the future.

PR and Marketing can sometimes end up by seeming exhausting to any practitioner, regardless of age. It is a fast paced world and keeping up with it can be difficult. Tod Defren described 5 Steps to Dealing with the Relentless Pace of Marketing.

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