If you’re looking for a new design challenge to flex your creative muscle, look no further! Everything PR, one of the top PR news websites worldwide, and design crowdsourcing site Prova.fm are organizing a design contest in their quest for the best PR news header. The prize? 350 US dollars.

All you have to do is check out the contest details, browse through the articles on Everything PR to familiarize yourself with the style and general design of the website, then gather your creative and web design forces and start working! Once you have uploaded your proposed design, make sure you share it on your blog, on Twitter or Facebook. You will test it against your peers and your friends and they can vote your work on the Prova.fm site, making you one of the contest favorites.

Why should you join the contest? Other than the cash prize attached to it, this contest also means a chance for you to get some online visibility! Other than being featured in the Prova.fm contest winners hall of fame, your work will be features on a high traffic, worldwide appreciate PR news site which can lead to new clients wanting to hire you!

Now start designing and good luck!

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