Guest post by Lauren Horn

Twitter presents the opportunity for you to connect with leaders in your industry, your peers and your target audience, while generating exposure and making connections. You have not only created your account, updated information, customized the look and feel of your page, but also begun tweeting up a storm. At this point, your following base should be through the roof, but you’re not seeing the results you anticipated, so now what?

So now, it’s important to remember that your page is just another marketing tool which ultimately needs to be promoted. Step back and first reassess your content and your purpose. Are you only tweeting about your product and services? Is your messaging consistent? How involved are you in the community? Are you following your target audience? Do you engage with your current followers? Are you listed? Do you utilize hashtags? These are just some things to consider. However, there are several ways to actually build a following. Below are some tips and tricks of the trade.

Network with Other Platforms

Where else are you present on the web? I’m sure you have a corporate website, but do you have Facebook and a blog? It’s important to integrate these mediums so they work together. Include the Twitter logo or a widget on your website in a location that’s visible to your audience. Utilize your Twitter handle (URL) on Facebook. Consider writing a blog post about your Twitter account and what value you bring and how it benefits your audience.

Invite Your Email Subscribers

I hope over the years you have captured an opt-in email list. If so, great! If not, please do! This list is critical and a great way to send an invitation and/or announcement to your subscribers via email. Simply write an encouraging message about why they should follow you, much like your blog post. Also, make sure to include the logo in your HTML newsletters. If you’re a cell phone provider, consider writing something such as “tweet us your favorite app!” instead of “follow us,” in hopes that your subscribers go directory to your page, tweet, and follow.

Add to Your E-mail Signature

Consider updating your email signature to include a link to your social media page(s) and website(s) in every email you send. Wisestamp signature add-on is used for web-based email accounts and is simple to download and create a customized stamp.

Update Your Press Release Boiler Plate

The boiler plate is the last paragraph in your press release, containing valuable company and product information and web address, where the editor or reader can go for further information. Perhaps yours currently states, “For more information, please visit” Update that portion to read, “For more information please visit,,” This too, will also be helpful if you submit your press releases through online distribution services, greater optimizing web presence.

Perform Specialized Searches

Execute a search within Twitter using your company’s keyword and/or product or service category, preceded with a hashtag (#) to group users. As you review the results, consider following or replying to other users’ tweets so they know you exist and may offer further information regarding that topic in the future. Also perform searches for target media outlets and target authority spokespersons, etc. to follow. In doing so, they will receive an alert and hopefully reciprocate the follow.


Be actively engaging with other Twitter users. Perhaps you want to ask someone a question, comment on their latest tweet, or provide advice. In doing so, make sure when responding to another user to include the symbol, @, preceding the username, i.e. @Username, so they receive a notification. Hashtag anything you feel a majority of people would be discussing, such as #interiordesign, #marketing, #products, etc.

Try these tips and I’m sure you’ll see an increase in followers before you know it!

About the author

Lauren Horn serves as a Digital PR Specialist at ProspectMX, an internet marketing company in Lancaster, PA. Her professional background also includes several years as a traditional publicist with some concentration on social media for residential and commercial clients at another marketing communications agency. Lauren is highly interested in the latest trends both online and on the runway, exhibiting a passion for anything related to fashion, including everything from styles and colors to accessories.

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