Have you heard of the damage the Stuxnet worm has been causing businesses and their computer systems around the world? Have you heard of the huge impact it has had on cyber warfare? Did you know it is a USB transmitted malware that’s not that hard to stop? Have you heard of cases where entire customer lists are copied and stolen by former employees, upset that they were fired or just because they wanted more money from a competitor? Have you heard of people just walking into a company and copying all the private data stored there on a simple USB stick or on a smart phone and just walking out with it?

While we love our mobility and portability – who doesn’t love to run their business from a mobile phone when stranded in an airport for hours, waiting for their next flight? – there are serious security threats that come with the use of portable devices, especially if we don’t know what we’re doing. Enter data loss prevention, device control and endpoint security solutions, some of the best being brilliantly developed by Mirror Communications client CoSoSys. What you also might not know is that there are virtually none such solutions to protect Mac computers! Not only does CoSoSys provide such a business application, they also have just released a new verison of their Endpoint Protector 2009 for Mac device control and endpoint security solution!

What the new product does is make sure that while you’re traveling, you can still stay productive and complete tasks which require the use of portable devices, while staying safe from the threats I’ve mentioned earlier. The new release also offers companies a closer watch on what their employees are doing with files and data accessed on or copied to portable devices.

“The new Mac version of Endpoint Protector focuses on two important aspects of device control and data loss prevention – keeping a close eye on data activity within the company to prevent possible leaks or theft (and File Tracing enables the needed close watch and audit) and making sure productivity and mobility are not impaired by security policies, while at the same time providing a safe way to work with portable devices,”  said Roman Foeckl, CoSoSys CEO.

The two main features of the new data loss prevention and endpoint security solution for Mac / Apple are File Tracing and offline temporary passwords. When enabled, the File Tracing feature logs all data and file related activity and stores it for later auditing. Each time an employee edits, deletes or renames a certain file originating from or subsequently copied to a portable device, his actions are recorded, along with his user credentials and the device specifications.

Offline temporary passwords address the needs of road warriors, or simply put, those business men that need to travel a lot and still need to use their comuter, copy files to and from it, to do their job. When on a business trip, employees might be unable to connect to the Internet and need to authorize a new portable device, a memory stick to save a presentation for an event etc. To help them save time and complete their tasks, a temporary offline password can be provided to them by phone by authorized company representatives and subsequently they can authorize devices for a period ranging from 30 minutes to one week.

Of course these are only the most important new features that the new Endpoint Protector release for Mac device control features, there are a lot more functionalities keeping your data safe and business advantages that come from working safely with portable devices to consider and you can review them all here.

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