A five-part series on online branding for businesses by Ryan Chaffin

1. What’s in a Name? Everything
2. SEO: Marketing in the New Millennium
3. PPC as a Model of Smart Advertising
4. Social Media: Highly Accessible Advertising
5. Freshening Up: Maintaining Your Brand Image

As a business owner you have developed a unique branding image, cultivated that icon through SEO services or maybe a successful PPC campaign, and you have seen your client base increase significantly. The hard work is over, right? Unfortunately, your work has just begun. Maintaining your brand image is just as important, if not even more crucial, as developing it in the first place.

Remember when you were worried about differentiating your stress relief services from the rest of the businesses in your area? Remember the pressure that surrounded the search for a unique way to sell this stress relief service to the public? This was probably a hectic, stressful time for you as a business owner. But if you remember the stress, you must also remember the triumph of mounting a successful branding image and seeing the increased customer flow. The same thing must happen for you to maintain your positive branding image. You must decide how to keep your image fresh in the midst of changing technology and new businesses. What differentiated you from everyone before may be common now, forcing you to adapt and change as needed.

What you need to do as a business owner is to stop thinking about the branding of your company in a finite, linear way. Rather, think of the branding of your company as a series of progressive steps that can lead you closer to the actualized product or services in your mind. Perfection is never truly realized, but that doesn’t mean you can’t strive for it.

Refreshing your image is a process that will be purely dictated by your business and the services you offer. There is no guarantee besides this: to not consistently refresh your image will lead to certain death. There are so many young entrepreneurs unafraid to try new and fresh approaches to the service industry that if you don’t adapt you will surely get left behind. Maintaining your image may be a simple matter of updating your slogan or logo. It could also, on the other hand, be as drastic as completely revamping how you go about selling your product. Only you can truly determine what is best for your company.

Congratulations! You have successfully launched a campaign that has worked for your specific needs. Maintaining your company image is the next step in the evolution of your business. Simply put, this is the only way that you can stay relevant in the marketplace. But if you can weather the storm of trends and fads, emerging victorious through consistently high quality offerings, you will be in prime position to accept the crown of dominance in your professional field.

About the author

Ryan Chaffin is currently a college student majoring in Business Marketing. He loves anything technology, internet, and social media related along with sports and health & wellness. Ryan currently specializes in search engine optimization (SEO), blogging, and social media and believes in achieving your fullest potential on and off the web. You can also find Ryan on Twitter (@ryanchaffin).

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