Stats Squared is a Twitter analytics tool that was born out of Indianapolis Startup Weekend.  If you are unfamiliar with Startup Weekend, the premise is that you have 56 hours to build a viable business, and if you can – go live with the business/product. Stats Squared won the 4th annual Indianapolis Startup Weekend and 1st ever Indianapolis Startup Weekend Battle. They are now part of 16 cities vying to win the Global Startup Battle — you can vote for them here This team from Indianapolis has some serious steam built up around an extremely useful product.

The Twitter analytics tool they’ve created focuses plain and simple on Twitter links. Front and center is CTR and link maturation on those links.  The idea was born out of the needs of two of the founders (Ryan Cox and Brandon Corbin) along with the recent article Randfish from SEOmoz entitled:  Calculating and Improving your Twitter Click-Through Rate. “How can personal users, social media marketers, advertising agencies and big business better utilize an analytics tool to get down to the important stuff – traffic,” said one of the founders Ryan Cox.  “I had to manage some 20 accounts both personal, professional and more my clients — and it was a chore to grab the data for all of the blog links, online marketing initiatives, campaigns, etc..  I needed something that gave me all of that information in one frame, and let me even peak in on my competitors or other digital marketers and see what they were doing and if it was working,” Ryan went on.
75 tweets per second on Twitter contain a link.  Take a moment:  Wow.  It can be expected then that there is so much data that is being missed and not properly mined at this point. Our friends at Everything PR had a good synopsis:
Tracking and calculating the analytics around links on Twitter can be exhaustive — Stats Squared wants to be the tool you turn to for such requests. For the industries that depend on Twitter as a vertical to develop conversation, page views and closed transactions, links can be the most important thing to their clients bottom line.

Stats Squared can be defined in one word:  simplicity.  They carry that message throught their website and communications as explained her by co-founder Brandon Corbin in their Startup Weekend Battle video: “Stats Squared is a tool to help people with multiple Twitter accounts be able to effectively see what’s going on in one simple to use interface.”  Marketing, advertising and social media consultants can have anywhere from 5-20 accounts they are currently managing.  That in and of itself can be a near impossible task to track all of the data efficiently.  “All we are doing is being able to take that view, condense it into a single frame, and you can get to all of this data in about 5 seconds,” says Brandon.

Currently Stats Squared is entering into a Private Beta, where you can join here.  Last night they released an update that now supports tracking all and pro links (, etc).  We were told by the final two co-founders of this 5 man team, Stephen Gregory and James Litton that in upcoming releases/updates they plan to:
  • add URL shortners it supports
  • improve history records for links
  • add a search component
  • more metrics, more data
    • trends
    • natural language attached to links
    • re-tweet (RT) effectiveness
  • CTR best of lists around topic or industry
Stats Squared is a young startup, but it seems that this team is in it for the long haul.  Twitter data is only growing larger and larger, so if this team can create desired ways to mine the data — they set themselves up for a profitable company.  I will be interested to see what the next few updates do to shape their product (remember the company is only 5 days old).  I see a huge market available for tools such as this focusing on analytics, metrics and data.  Will they expand past just following Twitter links?  “Absolutely, 100%,” said Ryan in an interview I had with him.  Be sure to check out Stats Squared and vote for them in the Global Startup Battle!  Voting ends in some 11 hours!  Vote here!

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