Today, a very cold and icy day, I met my friend Loredana Pascal at a down town cafe I usually like a lot. Mostly because of the menu, not their service. I was so happy to finally see her as work, life and other minor details meddled in our plans and it had been a while. I got there first and as I was pretty much frozen, so my first thought way hot chocolate!

Hot chocolate, the right choice! Only I love white hot chocolate and not all cafes or coffee shops have it. The cafe in question has it most of the times, one of the reasons for me choosing them 🙂 So I ordered it! By the time Loredana arrived, a couple of minutes later, I had drunk half of it. She wanted the same thing and ordered it. The waitress told her, not before giving me a look that said “You’re a total freak for drinking that!”, how the traditional hot chocolate is much better!  Loredana still went for the white one…

So, in less then a minute and one sentence the waitress implied that we had bad taste and their cafe sold bad hot drinks to their customers! Awesome technique to win us over and make us spend more money! As Loredana explained in her earlier post in Romanian, we all love getting recommendations from those who know more about the menu then we do. We also love it when they recommend against something that’s really not tasty on a given day and point out something much better. But this is far from saying what a customer explicitly picked is basically the worst choice ever. Especially when the second customer goes for the same thing…

The line between saying those you’re attending have bad tastes and making a nice recommendation is not that fine. It’s actually quite easy to spot! If you don’t, it’s bad for business! And no, intentions don’t matter! Remember the saying about the road to hell?

Also, it’s only fair to notice two marketing and PR girls are a tough crowd!

How about you? Have you been in a similar situation where you felt the waiter or waitress was offending you instead of making a useful recommendation?

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