One of the not so new Twitter spamming techniques is to add a Twitter username before your worthless message. So instead of “Check out X website”, we have “@username Check out X website”. Of course, X website can be easily replaced with whatever service, product or job offering. Apply the same technique for hundreds and hundreds of users from your spammy Twitter account that follows no one and has a couple of followers and maybe some of the people you reach are actually interested and will click your link.

While this might work in some accidental cases, it will take quite the same amount of time to search for people actually interested in what you’re selling and send them the replies. If you can do that after following and getting to know them, even better. Of course, your Twitter account should be about more than @replies to those you follow, but that’s another side of the story.

The thing is that replies, despite current widespread beliefs, are actually easy to ignore if the person receiving said reply could not care less about what you’re saying. Even more so if the person sending it is unknown to them. They will probably be a little annoyed and some will block you, but they will mostly ignore the message. Except of course for some really lucky coincidences where you send them exactly what they’re looking for. But they might still pass and look for a competitor simply because a spammy Twitter account is less trustworthy and no one wants to throw their time or money out the window.

What seems to be a do-it-fast, aim-shoot-get-results technique actually is a great way to miss the target over and over again. If you want great results from social media campaigns, it’s better to do the work, invest time and energy and brain power into it, and then enjoy the nice feeling of money coming in, all in a productive and sustainable manner. The easy way out is rarely the best way to handle anything!


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