When trying to sell a product or service, the hardest part is to convince your potential customers they need it, want it or can actually use it to make their life better. A lot of effort goes into marketing and PR, engaging people, outlining the benefits, making sure what you’re selling pops up exactly when and where they would be happy to see it.

Let’s say this part of the process went really great and the customer is convinced. They would then go to your website, fill out the order form… and you might think there is no way in hell to lose that paying customer right now!

Then again you would be wrong. All it takes is a Pay now button that does not work!

Sure, there might be some potential buyers so taken with your product or service, that they would go through the trouble of sending you an email, waiting for you to fix your stupid tech problem and then spend some more time on the same form before getting what they wanted. The truth is most of your customers will put the email writing time to good use and buy from the first competitor offering something similar.

End of story! You’ve just lost a customer for the lamest reason ever 🙂

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