There are many ways in which a company can end up looking bad in front of customers, the press, or just about everyone. And it seem that this week I am prompted to explore many of them.

Finding the right companies and the right people to help your business grow is always a great idea. Hiring a great HR manager to make sure your staff is top notch, hiring the write PR and marketing agency, these are complicated tasks that not all companies get right.

But once you hire someone that’s really good at what they do, make sure you are familiar with the campaigns they run for you! Imagine this: one of the sites I sometimes write for gets this great targeted email proposing a very interesting contest . The message is well written, it’s clear they did some research before and you can’t wait to get started. Unfortunately, you want to have the story published by the end of the day and the person contacting you did not answer. You pick up the phone and call the company behind the campaign – they don’t know who the person is, what the campaign is about and their marketing officer is not in.

Such lack of communication within the company shakes both your credibility and that of the campaign you’re running. Maybe the news outlets and blogs you’ve contacted will wait around to see the situation resolved and explained, maybe they just think it’s all a big scam (you might have hired someone to build links, but there’s no contest or prize involved!).

Even if you run an online campaign, people are still likely to actually call your land line and ask for details. They might actually pay you a visit to find out more about your company and see what it’s all about. So everyone should know a.what those looking for details are talking about and b.who to direct them to for information.

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